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Paris - Dakar morphed into THE Rally Raid

Hi all - no worries - we not gone, we just re-situate including a new web presence. There will be new looks & "feel" for the #Dakar2017 on our independent Dakar Rally Raid website est. 2009 as a sub-domain and since 2011 as top/level domain.

Should there be any urgent announcements requiring publication we will do so at our Dakar Blog here or at our Google+ Dakar brand-page here.

Al the Lorem Ipsum stuff is just filler content and will be gone in  few days when we migrate our old content, reports and images. Bear with us!

Check out our Blog here as well join our Google+ page and The Dakar Community for updates. You also can follow our Twitter stream here or check our Facebook page here. We have also added a Mastodon stream here

The Dakar: a challenge for those who go – a dream for those who stay behind! – Thierry Sabine, founder Paris-Dakar Rally, 1949 -1986 The Dakar spirit is at the crossroads of several passions. Added to the fact that it is an event of its own, off the standards in the world of motor-sports, it is also a unique human experience.