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Dakar Rally Raid, was for several years operated as subdomain www.dakar-rally.puro-off-road.com - (2009 to 2011)
The operating participants decided to split and become "self-propelled" from the Puro Off-Road entity and e-publish / operate as Dakar Rally, Rally Raid Racing and Endurance Off-Road Racing event-news syndication and race reporting service from the www.dakarrallyraid.com domain (since 2011).

While the Name Dakar is a registered trademark is neither Dakar-Rally nor DakarRallyRaid a registered trademark.
And the same way as nobody will write / report about the "final game of the season from the folks that run around with an egg-shaped ball" but calls it superbowl or nowhere you find folks write/blog/report about cars driving in curves at a small, royal enclave at the Mediterranean sea but talk about the Monaco Grand Prix the same way we do so about the Dakar Rally.
The importance of that is - as in the other examples is - not to pretend to be them - which we never did and will not do in the future as well.

We do respect the existing Dakar trademark, we NEVER - from day 1 - pretend to be "THEM" or create any confusion and the advise that we are not associated is clearly visible on our website - view the footer - and all other instances.

Additional we do use only materials we are in title to and after the initial 2-3 years of harassment we gained individual permission by our sources, reaching out, discuss and explain by phone and have that also from that sources confirmed by e-mail.

Our sources are mainly:

  • Red Bull Media House
  • x-raid team
  • KTM Motorcycles
  • Kahle Motorsports
  • Speedbrain Team
  • HRC - Honda Racing Corporation
  • HS Rally Team
We also approach teams during the event and ask for permission to use their materials (mainly images or video footage) - for example at the #Dakar2014 the COLCAR team from Argentina.

It just happens that one of our editors goes since 15 years every year for the x-mas holidays to Cordoba and combined his private visit with friends to observe and report direct from the event.
This and "lesser" sources out of other business relationships - not related to this website - but to adven-tour tourism in the region Argentina, Chile and Peru we can provide fairly good daily reports.

This is all we do as vivid off-road fans and racers - provide freely available obtained information on an independent publishing platform.

Again - similar as a former US president used to say "read our lips": Independent!  If you run a search to define "independent" Google will return the following:
"Free from outside control; not depending on another authority"

We dont pretend to be dakar com, we are not associated with dakar com and we receive no funding from dakar com (or A.S.O. - Amaury Sport Organisation)
Please take note of that!

To put that in more "official" terms:

Our "Dakar Rally Raid Racing"  website, blogs, Google+ page, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media presences with our created logo and other appearance are independent operated Offroad Action Motor Sports Fan Site and in no business relation or affiliation with A.S.O. - Amaury Sport Organisation.
It is operated under the same principals as Puro Off-Road you can read about here.

You will find this information also at ALL off our other web presences related to that domain to avoid any confusion.
The automotive motor-sport race event of Paris Dakar and later The Dakar has been around since the early 70’s…

No one has the right to prevent the public from using the word Dakar Rally Raid to report on, discuss, or promote the sport - especially on a website.

In particular if everywhere is clearly visible stated that we are NOT related to the organizers.

Just to emphasize this one more time - based on the fact that we are harassed by ASO and their henchman, a ambulance-chaser operation - we call them that way as they make false claims and never identify themselves to us, attempts to intimidated us with threats of legal action and several of our social media accounts (Twitter stream with 11'000 followers and Facebook page with 10'000 likes) shut down, some of them re-opend after review by a human - make sure you understand that we do not attempt to confuse you.
If you like to read more about ASO - NR Online NetResult/Reuters trademark bullying visit the page we created during the #Dakar2014 after NR Online NetResult failed again to provide us URL's and item description of what we are supposedly using that violates the trademark they claim to protect and after Jack Newton , as a representative of NetResult, digitally signed - again, as multiple times before - a e-mail message under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America with the additional statement under penalty of perjury that the information in the notice is accurate - which is not the case period!
Is an Fortune 500 company (We understand  NR Online NetResult has been purchased by Reuters) allowed to make such statements?
So far it looks like it as they know we do not have the financial resources to content their claims and get an restraining order
to protect us and our resources - false statements are NOT the only thing they are doing. Read the whole enchilada here...

ATTENTION - Our "Dakar Rally Raid Racing"  website, blogs, Google+ page, Pinterest and  other social media presences are independent operated Off-Road Action Motor Sports fan sites and in no business relation or affiliation with ASO

This remarks are to give you thumbs up and avoid any confusion. We are not "them", we never pretended to be "them" and we will not do so in the future. You will find this disclaimer (or similar) at our website visible at the website footer or somewhere else VISIBLE..

Despite unethical activities by ASO and their henchman do we respect the event and participants and encourage you to visit their different locations on the world wide web.

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